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Dr Ari
Fresh out of med school and doing internship at the local clinic Dr. Ari gets a firsthand look that not all clinics follow text book ideals. Case in point, Dr. Phingerphuk calls Dr. Ari in for an interview for internship but since things are hectic at the clinic Dr. Phingerphuk asks Dr. Ari to get himself acquainted with one of the exam rooms. Little did Dr. Ari know that this clinic sides on more sinister practices. Almost as if he were hypnotized with the ambiance of the room, his manly urges raise to the occasion. Within moments Dr. Ari whips out his dick and starts to masturbate looking at all the penis health posters on the wall and some dildos he discovers in one of the draws. Naked and on the exam table he massages his prostate while stroking his enormously thick rock hard cock. His fantasizing takes over and shortly he explodes cum everywhere. In a panic he finds some toweling to clean up his still hard dick and the cum from his body before the doctor returns from his short errand. Little does he know what hes getting himself into.


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