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Man on the Inside
This week we have yet another New Yorker that now calls the sunny beaches of Florida home. Strangely enough Damian bears an uncanny resemblance to a celebrity New Yorker ...but we wont go there. "No more hints for you!" Damian Rogers is 38 and admits he loves the weather down here and it also helps him keep his all-over tan. Someone must be a regular at Haulover Beach. Nude beaches are also a great place for Damian to meet people and possibly other "swingers". Damian is a Swinger in the Lifestyle. He loves group and public sex. He's been a swinger for the last 12 years and knew at an early age he was into the group scene. When he was a young teen he'd be fucking his girlfriends while fantasizing others were there fucking her too. From there he evolved into a group sex machine. He prefers groups of 10-12. His ideal scenario would be 4 or 5 girls and the rest would be guys. He loves to watch a female be dominated and Gang banged. For the hardcore swinger, if you're among friends or people you're familiar with it can be "anything goes". Guys will often time mess around with other guys if the level of comfort is there. The energy in a room with 25-20 people fucking and sucking, moaning and groaning does take its toll on a boner with no conscience. At times people will end up doing things, sperm of the moment' they wouldn't usually do in a one-on-one scenario. We've all been there so-to-speak'. Did I do thaaat!? Damian has no ultimate fantasy. He's done them all. We have no doubt he has. Lucky Dawg!


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