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The Rock
This week we have a special treat on as we welcome the Rock. The Rock starts out on the couch putting away his racquet when Phenix calls to say he left his jock strap behind and is on his way to get it. The Rock hangs up and start to smell Phenix jock and starts to get hard. He rubs his crotch as he loses himself to a hot fantasy. He plays with his cinnamon nips as he flexes his massive pecs. He starts to flex his guns and licks and kisses his huge biceps. He then slides off his shorts and is left in a jock strap which frames his beefy ass incredibly well. He bends over and slaps his ass before teases that hungry hole with his fingers. That only gets his cock harder. He then stands up and pulls off his jock strap giving his swollen meat the room it needs to breathe. He strokes his rock hard cock as the camera pans north giving us an amazing view of his massive pecs. The Rock then moves the party over to the couch where he gets on all four and spreads that beef! y ass wide. After showing off that ass, he flips back over again; takes another whiff of Phenix jock and lubes up that dick giving it the attention it needs. He moans softly as he strokes his rod. His smooth nuts are pulling up close to the shaft as he picks up the pace. He is at the edge and cant hold back any longer as he grunts, exploding all over his washboard stomach. He coats his abs leaving him spent and ready for a nap. Phenix better take his time or hes gonna catch the Rock wet handed.


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